EDC / Data acquisition system targoDoc


Simple and targeted color-code-controlled operation.

- Modular

Use and pay for only the functions you need for your project.

- Brilliant

Comprehensive real-time statistics of all relevant parameters with graphical and tabular display of results at the touch of a button.

With targoDoc® we offer you a very user-friendly documentation system for studies (eCRF), surveys and other data collection. The focus of targoDoc® lies in the simple, clear operation, the modular structure and the unique evaluation tool, which analyzes the desired data in seconds at the touch of a button at any time and provides the finished graphics for copy & paste into your presentation.

Intuitive data acquisition with feedback via the color code:

Plausibility checks during input increase data quality:


Plausibility checks during input increase data quality:

Extensive data exports to Excel for statistical evaluations:


Instant evaluation and graphical presentation of results:

Other modules of the targoDoc system include:

  • Automated Data plausibility check
  • Integration of a Reading Center
  • Creation of customized reports
  • Patient questionnairesto be integrated via tablets

We have compiled detailed information about the functionality and user-friendly application of targoDoc in a presentation for you:

targoDoc Presentation(PDF, 2.92 MB)


We would be pleased to show you the functionality of targoDoc in an online demo: