Discretion is not just a matter of honor, but is consistently implemented by targomed

targomed® has been working for a large number of well-known pharmaceutical and medical device companies since 2010. Trust and discretion are a prerequisite for successful cooperation with our customers.

We therefore do not wish to provide any references on our website.

We are very proud of it:

  • Having a team with ophthalmological expertise
  • to work with agile companies with 10 to 130,000 employees
  • to be able to count on long-standing customer relationships
  • supervise a broad spectrum of clinical studies
  • cover most areas of ophthalmic surgery
  • working with the latest statistical software
  • have an acceptance rate of over 80% in peer-reviewed journals for manuscripts supported by us
  • to be able to offer our own web-based, user-friendly documentation system (targoDoc) and our PMCF portal
  • Having our own creative software development team for our software solutions

We would be happy to convince you in a personal meeting that we can do what we write and deliver what we promise