The founding of targomed® in 2010 was not so long ago, but we have been able to contribute experience from the pharmaceutical and medical device industry since 1988.


Versatility is our strength

The expertise of targomed® consists of:

  • promoted scientists who understand the art of medical writing.
  • experienced clinical research heads who can not only design studies, but also create the complete documentation.
  • training-enthusiastic experts who both create training materials and conduct training courses themselves.
  • Event specialists who are familiar with all the details of events, from location scouting to compliance-compliant organization and billing, and are happy to help you turn your event into a unique customer event

Our passion is to provide our clients with the best possible support and to make their medical and scientific projects, congress appearances and events a success.

So far, we have been able to win over 70 satisfied customers. We have helped to successfully organize more than 800 events with a total of well over 17,000 participants.

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