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From A for abstract to Z for approval documents - medical writing is our thing!

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CER, CSR, statistical reports, peer review articles, abstracts, presentations, product brochures, congress reports, book chapters ... we know our stuff.

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What we write is gladly accepted by clients, authorities and publishers - give it a try!

The range of medical writing is very broad, which makes our work varied! From press releases and abstracts to trade articles, peer review manuscripts and book chapters, we support all types of scientific medical writing. We know the specialist literature in ophthalmology and are familiar with the special requirements of individual publishers.

Regulatory medical writing is particularly challenging, as the granting or maintenance of CE certification often depends on it. Our experts know what is important, are familiar with the special formats and content of the reports, have an overview of the relevant literature and can read and assess clinical data. Entrust us with your valuable clinical, preclinical and experimental data!

With our specialist knowledge and experience in writing medical and scientific texts for specialist and lay audiences, we design and create product brochures, patient brochures and guides as well as presentations for you. Of course, we also take care of the design and layout, also on the basis of your CI specifications.


Writing statistical reports, study reports, regulatory medical writing

Experienced Experienced
We offer many years of experience in regulatory medical writing and knowledge of the implementation of the MDR and other important guidelines.
To the point To the point
We offer many years of experience in regulatory medical writing and knowledge of the implementation of the MDR and other important guidelines.
Competent Competent
IIT or PPT? Stratification - if so, according to what? Correlations - what with what? We know our way around and clarify all the important points with you in advance!

How can you recognize unsafe medical writers? By the fact that reports are infinitely long and no distinction is made between important and less important parameters in the summaries and interpretations of the data. After reviewing the study documents, we know the elementary objectives and results and design the reports accordingly in a clear and focused manner.

The study protocol should contain all the information for the analysis, which is then processed during the analysis and in the report. However, there is often much more to be extracted from the data, which can be relevant at least for sponsor or clinic-internal decision-making processes. Or there are anonymized data sets that are evaluated retrospectively. We will be happy to advise you on interesting evaluation options so that data once collected can be used in as many ways as possible.


Literature research

Target-oriented Target-oriented
The right keywords, the right search strategy, the right literature databases - we know them
Smart Smart
It all depends on the right search algorithm - but to find it, you need experience, intuition and the ability to combine. Here, too, you can count on us.
Far-reaching Far-reaching
Not all information can be found in the literature databases - we also know the other places where the relevant information can be found!

Whether in the context of post-market surveillance, for a meta-analysis, as part of competitor monitoring or for advertising materials - it is important to know your own field and stay up to date. This is hardly possible without literature research.

Literature searches are only efficient if the search algorithm is differentiated and searches are carried out in the right places. If this is not the case, a superficial search leads either to countless and many inappropriate results or - much worse - to a lack of important literature references and, as a consequence, to necessary revisions of PMS reports or rejection of manuscripts.

Our experts will be happy to assist you with your literature research or carry it out for you.

We are also happy to offer you regular literature research in your specific field and summarize the articles found for you in the form of weekly or monthly bulletins, in reader-friendly language, whether for your customers, your employees or for other circles. This research can include peer review and trade literature, press releases or industry announcements.


Medical writing of publications, congress abstracts and presentations

Versatile Versatile
Whether anterior or posterior segment, cataract or glaucoma, wet or dry AMD, dry or watery eye - we write about everything to do with the eye!
Creative Creative
We will find the best way for your publication!
Successful Successful
High rejection rate for good journals? Not with us!

In order to successfully write scientific texts that have a chance of being published, you not only need to have the specialist knowledge, but also experience with the expectations of editors and reviewers and a feel for which journal an article has the best chance of being published. Scientific texts cannot be written quickly on the side, you have to think deeply and do a lot of research, which is often not feasible in everyday office and clinical work.

Our medical writing team has many years of experience with peer review and trade journals, knows the requirements and peculiarities of the most important journals, editors and reviewers and is focused on writing scientific texts. We are happy to support authors in the preparation of their manuscripts.

Anyone who has ever written a scientific article knows the pitfalls: the bibliography has to have a certain format, as do the references in the text, sometimes graphics and tables have to be included, sometimes submitted separately; there are journals where the abstract is part of the discussion, in others it is separate. How do you get the figures into the desired format? How do you describe financial interests or conflicts of interest? What belongs in a cover letter? How do you answer reviewers’ questions? All of this is routine for us and we are happy to help!

When it comes to publishing in a high-ranking journal, desire and reality often do not match. Journals with a high impact factor also have a high rejection rate of usually over 80%. The editors pick the best manuscripts on the most exciting topics on the basis of well-designed studies. The number of cases must be right, the study design well thought out and based on a clean statistical evaluation - and the topic must be current.

Just like Christmas, the submission deadlines for congress abstracts always come as a surprise. We are prepared for this and will support you with the preparation of abstracts in the shortest possible time. If your day-to-day business does not allow you to prepare the presentation yourself, we will be happy to transfer your results into an attractive PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint presentations are not only needed for congresses, but also for training purposes or internal company presentations and meetings. We enjoy presenting scientific information in an easily digestible and appealing way - give it a try!

Does this mean that simpler studies with smaller case numbers cannot be published at all? Yes - we can do it! We will be happy to advise you on which journal is best suited to your individual project and prepare the manuscript accordingly. On request, we can help you submit the manuscript and answer any queries from the reviewers. If a manuscript is rejected after all, we have always found a way to publish interesting data anyway - in a journal with a slightly lower ranking.

We also focus on ophthalmology when it comes to medical writing and cover the most important topics from the anterior to the posterior segment. We offer medical writing support not only in German and English, but also in French and Spanish, with native-language proofreading on request.