Scientific study projects from first idea to publication.

Resources in clinical research or medical affairs departments are usually scarce, and the temporarily high resultant workload in preparing and analysing a study can be difficult to manage. We look forward to supporting you in your study projects as you decide which areas you will cover and which we can assist you with.

Our targoDoc® is a very user-friendly documentation system for studies (eCRF), questionnaires and other surveys. targoDoc's® focus is on easy and transparent operation, modular design and a unique evaluation tool to analyse desired data at the push of a button - to provide, within seconds, complete graphics for copying & pasting into your presentation.

Examples of areas where we can lighten your workload include:

  • Development of study concepts and documents (such as study protocol, patient information, investigator contracts)
  • Submission to ethical committees
  • Designing documentation forms (CRF)
  • Documentation system (eCRF) for web-based studies
  • Tablet version for patient questionnaires
  • Monitoring
  • Organisation and moderation of investigator meetings
  • Creation of reports, publications and presentations
  • Preparation of contracts and financial processing of study fees
  • Sample size calculation, data management and statistical evaluation
  • and a lot more …

Pre-registration drug studies?
We assign this to the experts, the Clinical Research Organizations (CRO). If you need a CRO recommendation for your special study project, we will be glad to assist!


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